empresa ennova energia s.l.
empresa ennova energia s.l.


Ennova Energía is a company specialized on manufacturing solar structures, street lights and trackers. We also distribute modules, inverters and electric material. Ennova is a company continuously growing which main purpose is to disseminate, study and take advantage of renewable energies, thus developing projects both nationally and internationally

Our young and proactive team is constantly searching for new and cutting edge techniques. One the main characteristics that define Ennova’s philosophy is the collaboration with our customers from the very start of the project. We always offer liable and quality products and services, always being respectful with the environment. Our expertise and ability to adapt to every type of project makes of our work an exclusive service. We are experts controlling the timing, both in large installations and small constructions.

We believe in politeness, quick response, efficiency and a professional technical support in order to serve our customers. Because of that, we work hard to create new products with cutting edge technology, capable of being installed wherever or however the customer wishes. Since this company was founded, we have done lots of installations and we are very proud of our well done job.